The Legacy of Llandwyn

Pictured Above from Left to Right: Erin, Sherri, Geordie, and Flair

My first successful Cardigan was Aust CH Johnwey Casa Blanka 'Geordie'.  He was labeled the greatest Cardigan of his decade in Australia winning at all breed and specialty level.  Geordie passed down some beautiful qualities to his offspring and in 1987 my top winning Cardigan down from Geordie was Aust Grand CH Llandwyn Aces High 'Buzz'.  Buzz is known by many across the world and holds many firsts for the Cardigan breed in Australia.  His biggest achievement was being the first Cardigan to achieve Australian Grand Champion status.  About the same time Buzz was born his soul mate, Ch Llandwyn My Cupa Tea 'Toots' was born.  Toots was a very successful bitch winning the Challenge at the Sydney Royal for four consecutive years in 1994, 1995, 1996, & 1997.  Two of them being Best of Breed.  The Legacy of Llandwyn continues on with the newest face, Grand CH/Am CH Banyan Gandalfthegray Okekia (Imp USA), a Buzz great grandson, making new records for the breed in Australia.

Picture Above from Left to Right: Buzz, Belle, Sean, and Sparkle

Follow the Links Below to Find Pictures of the Cardigans that make up Llandwyn's Legacy

CH Denopal Certain Flair 1978

CH Johnwey Casa Blanka 1976

CH Llandwyn Blue Flair 1980

CH Llandwyn First Venture 1980

CH Leamore Just By Chance 1981

CH Llandwyn Lucky Venture 1982

CH Llandwyn Triya Luck 1983

CH Llandwyn Leading Lady 1985

CH Llandwyn Lollipop 1985

CH Llandwyn Lucky Charm 1986

Grand CH Llandwyn Aces High 1987

CH Finlai Annie Laurie 1989

CH Llandwyn My Cupa Tea 1990

CH Llandwyn Scene Stealer 1993

CH Llandwyn Show Girl 1993

CH Cambrian Betwixt N Between 1993

CH Llandwyn Teas Maid 1994

CH Llandwyn Top Gun 1994

CH Llandwyn Worth A Tri 1997

CH Llandwyn Top Notch 1997



Am/Aust Grand CH Banyan Gandalfthegray Okekai (Imp USA) 1998

Am CH Llandwyn Just Joey (Export USA) 1999

CH Llandwyn Double Delight & CH Llandwyn Fascination 1999

Aust CH Llandwyn Blue Velvet (Export USA) 2001

CH Llandwyn Blue Lace 2001

CH Bilbao A Ballet In Blue 2001

CH Llandwyn Licorice Lolly 2004

CH Llandwyn Jazz Ballet 2005

CH Llandwyn Black Tuxedo

Llandwyn Great Adventure (AI) 2006

CH Llandwyn Great Promise (AI) 2006

Grand CH Llandwyn A Waltz In Blue (AI) 2006

Aust/Am CH Cambrian My Way 2007

CH Llandwyn Blue Seren (AI) 2008

CH Llandwyn Dark Contender (AI) 2008

CH Llandwyn Sea Change (AI) 2008

CH Llandwyn Moon Glow (AI) 2012

CH Llandwyn Moon Shadow (AI) 2012

CH Llandwyn Moon River (AI) 2012