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Pictured above is Dorothy Hartcher with Gandalf

My love affair with the Cardigan breed started in the mid 1970's and over the years has given me much pleasure and satisfaction.  I have been fortunate to have owned, bred, and shown this wonderful breed with a good deal of success.  My ambition has been to try and breed type, soundness, outgoing steady temperament, and very importantly free flowing movement.  This enables Cardigans to win major awards and compete favorably against all breeds.  When I first started in Cardigans I lived in a suburb of Sydney, but in 1993 when my husband retired we bought a 25 acre farm in Exeter on the Southern Highlands of New South Wales which enabled me to breed more often and to develop my lines more fully.  My husband, Clive, and I also have Poll Hereford breeding cows which we enjoy. 

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